The Rangitikei is North Islands ideal training ground for Multisporters
& Adventure Racers.


Multisport in Mangaweka

Multisport Kayaking & Courses

The Grade 2 sections of the Rangitikei local to Mangaweka are the North Island training ground for Multisport Kayaking.
Its similarity to the Waimakiriri River and attributes akin to any Grade 2 multisport sections make it the perfect location to learn and practice Grade 2 Adventure kayaking. Awastone provides Grade Two kayak certificate courses, one on one clinics, shuttles and accommodation to multisport kayakers, all based from our riverside cafe... with the added luxury of a hot tub or showers to finish off your day.​
Check out our Pre Cert Paddle... calm the nerves, make sure you buy the right gear... generally find out what this kayaking malarky is really about!
multisport kayaking mangaweka
2 Day Course
$720 Per Person

Grade II Multisport Course

No experience necessary... in fact the course is intended to be your introduction to multisport kayaking.
The Grade 2 certificate is required by most multisport event organisers including the Coast to Coast, as it assures them that you are sufficiently competent to kayak the water the event is being run on and that if you do get into difficulties that you are able to self-rescue without putting other competitors, or yourself, at risk. Awastone runs a weekend course that includes meals, shuttles, accommodation and of course 2 full days of instruction.

Breif Outline

We focus on making sure you are suitably equipped to be on the river without instructors when you leave here, we are not concentrating on paddling technique so much as reading the rapids, choosing the lines and making wise decisions in the river environment
Only already proficient paddlers will be able to leave here after this first weekend with a completed Grade 2 certificate.

As a rule we can tick all of the boxes except "paddles a kayak confidently through Grade 2 rapids".

The certificate is gained with a short paddle with us further down the track.

For many the river running competency aspects of the course will require more time, mostly just that ‘river time’ and experience. We give you the option of doing that in your own time and coming back to us for a re-assessment run or you can book further sessions.

Full Course Outline & Details PDF Available Here. ​

1 on 1 Training & Assessments

Whether you feel you are already prepared for an assessment or wish to get some help to get there, 1 on 1 sessions are available with kayak instructors.
$150 for the first hour and $40 per hour after that. (reckon on a minimum of  two hours)

Course Dates & Times

Check out the up-coming course dates on our Multisport Calendar, or get in touch to book a course. Course dates are subject to change as minimum numbers are required and river conditions must be considered. Midweek, one on one and test only training also available upon request.

What's Included?

Licensed and experienced Instructor, Accommodation at Awastone, Breakfast on the second day, 2x Lunches, shuttles to and from the river.


$690 per person.
There is a $50 charge for processing certificates for those that have not done a course with us. ​

grade 2 multisport on the rangitikei river
3-4 Hour Trip
$195 Per Person

Pre-Certification Paddle

A recommended option for most and appreciated by all. Visit us here in Mangaweka for a paddle around on the intro rapids at Awastone.
Run through of the requirements of the Grade 2 certDiscuss what gear to buy before you buy it. There's lots of people buying the wrong gear out there! A quick river trip on Sit on top Whitewater Kayaks to see what Grade 2 rapids feel like... calms the nerves.
This is especially suited towards anyone who might be a bit nervous about kayaking in the rapids or would like just to gain an insight into what the Grade 2 course is going to be like.
Check out our Facebook Page for Pre Cert Kayak Specials. We try and get a bunch of you together to keep the price down and to make some connections.

Trip Times

Any time you wish. Great as an evening trip. Allow 3-4 hours from your day.

What's Included?

Any extra kayaking equipment you need for safety and comfort, if you have nothing, no worries, we do!


$195 per person.

Join Our "Rangitikei Rivertime" Facebook Group

We run regular training runs on various stretches of the river, guided, with a shuttle and access to our showers and loos.
Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions regarding our multisport training & courses.
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch with the team.
Do I Need My Own Boat?
Thoroughly recommended that you do, BUT don't go out and buy one without talking to us first!  

Use the pre course paddle to discuss the options of what to buy before you get into it or you can hire one of our boats for the course weekend so you can try a couple out. You need to be signed off in a boat similar to what you are paddling anyway and the sooner you are in your own the better.
Can I Hire A Boat?
We have plastic sea kayaks available for hire. Hire must be booked as early as possible and carries an extra charge of $25 per day
Can I Hire Gear?
We have a range of gear that you can borrow from us, very generic so more comfortable to get your own asap.
Again, the Pre cert paddle is a good time to sit down with us and talk about what you will need and what is most suitable.
What Are The Requirements For The Grade II Certificate?
The Kathmandu Coast to Coast Grade 2 Kayaking Skills Certificate needs to be signed by one of our qualified instructors in order to complete the Coast to Coast. We use this an a nationally recognised qualification for anyone wanting to obtain their Grade II Cert.
Link to the Cert Requirements Below.
Certification Requirements
How Much Time Will I Need To Spend With Instructors?
As a beginner, we recommend at least doing the pre cert paddle and the grade 2 weekend.
Then that you go away for some “me” time and come back for an assessment trip.

You could expect to pay around $885.

Kayaker Shuttles & Transfers

Leave the shuttle driver at home and let Awastone take care of getting your car to the take out. Have a big group? Use our 12 seater van.

With Your Vehicle

· Utiku > Mangaweka $40
· Awastone > Mangarere $45
· Utiku > Vinegar Hill POA
· Utiku > Mangarere $124
· Utiku > Ohingaiti $280
· Utiku > Vinegar Hill POA

With Our Vehicle/Tailer

Includes 2 Drivers & 1 Awastone Vehicle
· Utiku > Mangaweka $86
· Mangaweka > Ohingaiti $89
· Utiku > Mangarere $124
· Utiku > Ohingaiti $280
· Utiku > Vinegar Hill POA

Other Shuttles

· Other sections on the Rangitikei River.
· Other Multisport Training Shuttles & Transfers
· Shuttles/Drop off to start of tramps in Ruahine National Park
· Van shuttles P.O.A.

Multisport Events Calendar

Awastone is the perfect destination for your multisport training activities. Regular guided multisport kayak trips, grade 2 kayak courses and access to mountain running and quiet country sealed roads. Check out our calendar of scheduled events! Bookings essential and departures are dependent on numbers and river conditions.

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