Ideally located halfway between Taupo and Wellington, just one hour from the Tongariro Crossing, Palmerston North and Whanganui, Mangaweka is the perfect destination for Campervans, family camping holidays, corporate retreats and weekend getaways.

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The Rangitikei River provides safe and fun river adventures. New Zealand Family Adventures, social club activities, conferences and kayak courses and services.

Raft, Kayak or Camp... from one hour to four days, earn that coffee or wine before relaxing at our riverside cafe!

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Awastone - a riverside haven! The Awastone Licensed cafe is set amongst beautiful gardens overlooking the Rangitikei River.

Make Awastone your next venue for corporate events, weddings or social gathering! Keep an eye out for our live music sessions and special events!

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December: Grey Duck, Pārera

I’m running with the NZ native Grey Duck this month, not because its one you are likely to be seeing, quite the opposite. The Grey Duck is probably mostly mistaken for the Mallard, a bird that since its introduction has forced the native Grey out of many areas and hybridisation between the two has left the Grey population critically endangered.

The Pārera is a large darkish brown duck with a grey bill. The most notable differences between her and the Mallard is the khaki legs where the Mallard has brown ( excepting of course the very colourful Mallard drake when he’s sporting his breeding plumage) and the Grey ducks upper wing is brown with an iridescent green speculum with a trailing narrow white band.  

There is a family living on the river between the campground and Awastone, now a mother and 4 chicks. I thought she was a boring old Grey Duck but have since learnt that a) shes more likely a Mallard X  and b) Grey Ducks are no longer boring and I'll hunt her out to make sure just what she is.

May 14, 2020

I can feel the excitement for all New Zealanders. Finally able to get out to explore their backyard; creating a new normal. Welcome to level 2 New Zealand, Mangaweka is a great place to start your exploration.

Mangaweka is situated between Manawatu, Whanganui and Ruapehu, it is a fantastic location with stunning scenery. It offers 2 campgrounds, with cabins, to suit your service requirements and budget with fantastic...

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