Argentina 2018

The morning of departure from Alumine, not quite time to reflect on the campaign, but I will miss this little routine of mine of an early breakfast writing this blog in this seat. There will be plenty of time for reflection over the coming 25 hours of bus travel to get to the airport!

Yesterday was pretty bleak. We arrived at the river, at about 900 metres alt. with it raining really hard and the rain falling as snow at about 1000m. Luckily the lads didn't realise the river was rising from the mornings weather or else it would have been a tad intimidating! While the lads were disappointed with their place, coach was far from disappointed with their performance. Some solid class four rafting, far more difficult than anyone had anticipated Reading and running that sort of water is quite advanced and the lads did it superbly. The other teams had a definite advantage here with having been down this section a few times prior so really stoked with how they went. As they were instructed to avoid the big holes, sometimes they were a bit conservative maybe but I am OK with that!

The afternoon was rest again ready for the event i think the lads were looking forward to the most... the after party. And it did not disappoint Definitely Class 5 and the lads were not quite so conservative with their lines! Enough said about that and I promised there would be no photos. Lets just say, while at some stage coach thought he had a smother on his hands and we did suffer a little bit of mismothering, the mob were back in the shed by 4am... now they might need to be drenched.

A couple of photos... the warm up on the lake and the "regatta" start. Sorry I don't have any shots of the river run, there will be loads on IRF World Rafting Championships facebook page

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