Argentina 2018 Day Seven

Sounds a bit cliche now maybe but another awesome day in Argentina. We had a pretty disappointing start with the lack of competition experience for the lads manifesting itself as a flustered first run that saw them miss loads of gates in the slalom.

Their second run was fantastic and you could see it in their faces as they crossed the finish line. Great to see! Unfortunately a wee bit of a turtle (one of the boys poking their head through a gate on the wrong way through, not naming any names but you might be able to pick who it was from the photos at the finish line!) blew their penalties out a bit.

An early finish so the lads strolled home and spent the afternoon playing cards with U23's, good times. It was hot, windy and dusty again at the venue so it was good to get away from that and into some shelter. Finally a bit of relief from the heat tonight, unfortunately the cooling rain fell while we were on our way back from the supy. Drowned rats! Wetter than slalom...

Wavey cooked a mean meal for us tonight and we invited our awesome hosts Carlos and Mimi to join us for dinner, Muy Bienos David.

Sleep early tonight (didn't have to wait for the restaurant to open for dinner) ready for a big, fun and exciting day on the downriver tomorrow. First ones are a sweet approach into a challenging gate 3... no penalties here for the lads!

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