2018 Rangitikei River Conditions

March 19

River is in good nick, fishable, warm enough to still enjoy riverplay and with a bit more flow, keeping it fun.

Mangaweka Flow: 25 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 9 cumecs

Graphs Mangaweka Cumecs Pukeokahu Cumecs Mangaweka River Cam

March 14

Back to a clean and fishable river today however a release from the Moawhango River will have the river carrying an extra 30 cumecs and be a bit dirty this afternoon. No rain forecast for a few days so it will come right for a while after thats passed through.

Mangaweka Flow: 28.4

Pukeokahu Flow: 11.7

March 9

Got some space available on a two day trip next week, 15th and 16th of March. A fantastic couple of days on the river, through the gorges depicted as the river Anduin! Contact us now to take this opportunity.

The river will have settled down by then after the recent deluge over in the bay has put a bit of water in the river with a rather high day on the river yesterday. The river peaked at 65 cumecs at Pukeokahu at about 1pm yesterday and at 210 cumecs here at about 10am. The eastern tribs carrying most of the flow.


Mangaweka Flow: 81 cumecs

Pukeokahu flow: 26 cumecs

March 4

A beautiful run of weather and great condition river, Seeing loads of trout, water is warm and the nights are bright.

Mangaweka Cumecs: 19.3

Pukeokahu Cumecs: 9.8

Feb 27

A fair bit of rain last night but not going to have much of an effect on the river.

Mangaweka Flow :26 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow :15 cumecs

Feb 24

The sun is shining and the river is in fantastic nick. Great rafting and kayaking trips on the go!


Mangaweka Flow: 32 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 19 cumecs

Feb 22

A wee bit of a lift yesterday following the tail of ex tropical cyclone Gita, only about 30 cumecs. We had no power for 15 hours or so but all go again!


Mangaweka cumecs: 41

Pukeokahu Cumecs: 27

Feb 17

River is cleaning up nicely, a good weekend of river fun ahead!

Mangaweka Flow: 43 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 25 cumecs

Feb 16

A couple wee lifts over the last couple days and the rive is holding quite high. Rain up in the ranges pumped a bit of water out the Mangatera and Kawhatau catchments which carry a bit of silt so still a bit dirty for fishing. Great rafting flows for the next couple days.

Mangaweka Flow: 64 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 32 cumecs

Feb 12

Both rain in the headwaters and some local stuff has a rising river today. Probably about a 300 cumec peak here later today. 180 already passed through Pukeokahu this morning.

Mangaweka Flow: 100 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 160, was 180 at 6am

Feb 9

Conditions have been fantastic since the flood this time last week. It cleaned the silt out of the river and its been clearing better than it would have if it hadn't happened. Looks like we might get another one this weekend... maybe Monday.

Mangaweka Flow: 26 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 11 cumecs

Feb 2

While much of NZ was getting smashed by Cyclone Fehi we were basking in the heat here in Mangaweka albeit a tad windy. A late front of rain moved over the headwaters around midnight so expecting a flood from the top around midday today. Waipakihi peaked at 206 at about 1 am. Expect this will go through 200 at about 11.


Mangaweka 28.2

Pukeokahu 11.2

Update: We did have a spectacular 270 cumecs come through Mangaweka just after 11. It was a great flash flood to watch, 28.2 to about 300 in 2o mins.

Jan 27

Great to see a clear river again! Clear and warm, yesterdays thunderstorms didn't happen but there is still some forecast for this avo, won't flood it but might colour it.

Mangaweka Flow 33

Pukeokahu Flow 13.6

Jan 25

A fantastic day here in Mangaweka, river back down to normal flow from yesterdays release, still a tad dirty but clearing.

mangaweka Flow: 39

Pukeokahu Flow: 16

Jan 24

The Moawhango releases today so a 30 cumec lift coming through for 9 hours. Will be dirty but brief. Another big system coming through this time next week so expecting floods next Thursday(ish)

Mangaweka Flow: 45 cumecs (up to 70 for the afternoon)

Pukeokahu Flow: 19 cumecs

Jan 21

River clean enough to fish again this morning, a little bit of rain around tomorrow but river should be clearing till then.

Mangaweka Flow: 50 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 21 cumecs

Jan 16

An incredible run of weather, beautiful hot days then exciting thunderstorms in the afternoons for a couple hours. Its made the river dirty but a really nice flow. No fishing but loads of kayaking and rafting.

Pukeokahu Flow: 15 cumecs

Mangaweka Flow: 48 cumecs

Jan 10

The river is beautiful and warm, almost looking like a summer river again after the floods but definitely feeling like one. Looking promising that its had the silt flush that we were looking for.

Pukeokahu Flow 25.5

Mangaweka Flow 49.4

Jan 9

River has settled back nicely and its looking good for the race this weekend. Excellent multisport training all week!

Pukeokahu Flow 31

Mangaweka Flow 60

Jan 6

Massive, peak of 806 at about 3am down here at Mangaweka. Not quite bottom lawn stuff but definitely a bit of a flush out that we have been hoping for. It peaked at 470 at Pukeokahu at 11pm, following a 285 cumec flow down the Waipakihi 4 hours earlier. Weather looks like it will clear up quickly and then its just a short wait till the river drops and we'll be back into it.

Jan 5

Everything is being affected by rain in the north as I write, hard to say what levels we are going to see but expect a peak this morning in the 100's at Pukeokahu, translating high 100's/ low 200's down here. More rain coming though.

Jan 4

Have started the year hot and thundery, massive thunderstorms are making the river super dirty, especially when its already carrying the silt from the December downpours. A little bit of an unusual summer in that respect. The river is nice and useable though, warm enough for swimming and good flows for kayaking, rafting and jet boating.

Mangaweka Flow: 50 cumecs, 75 last night after the thunderstorm

Pukeokahu Flow: 13 cumecs

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