2017 Rangitikei River Conditions

River Conditions

27 December 2017

A bit cooler this morning but extra water in the river will be handy!

Mangaweka Flow: 30 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 10 cumecs


Mangaweka Cumecs Pukeokahu Cumecs Mangaweka River Cam

26 December 2017

Quite a nice lift throughout xmas day and right back down again today. A bit of rain around for the day today then clearing tomorrow.

Mangaweka Flow: 24

Pukeokahu Flow: 7.3

24 December 2017

Mangaweka Flow: 20.5

Pukeokahu Flow: 6.7

Forecast: Possibly some thunderstorms later today. turning a bit cooler on the 26th

23 December 2017

Mangaweka Flow: 20.8

Pukeokahu Flow: 6.7

22 December 2017

Mangaweka Flow: 21.6

Pukeokahu Flow: 6.6


Mangaweka Cumecs Pukeokahu Cumecs Mangaweka River Cam

21 December 2017

A surpising extra 30 cumecs through here yesterday, afternoon thunderstorms somewhere upstream the day before but I can't be sure where. Still a great run of weather, the river will come back to clear. Great levels for all users at the moment, just a bhit dirty for the fishermen.

Mangaweka Flow: 29 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 7 cumecs

14 december 2017

Some welcome rain in the night last night, no gauge here so not sure how much but it was hard enough to wake the house up at 2am. means the river is still a bit dirty, no real lift to speak of but expecting a bit more over the next week.

Mangaweka Flow: 32 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 9.4 cumecs , not peaked yet but close

12 December 2017

A long run of beautiful weather, river clearing up after the unseasonal thunderstorm dirtiness earlier in the month. Hoping for a top up this week for the multisport training, still useable but maybe not for long. Nice and warm for the family holidays though!

Mangaweka Flow: 24.8

Pukeokahu Flow: 8.3

11 December 2017

Mangaweka Flow: 25.6

Pukeokahu Flow: 8.6

5 December 2017

A stunning run of weather in Mangaweka, the odd afternoon thunderstorm but warm and sunny all day otherwise. Its great to have the odd wee top up!

Mangaweka Flow 30.7 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow 11.4 cumecs

4 December

Mangaweka Flow 36 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow 13 cumecs

3 December 2017

Mangaweka Flow: 43 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 15 cumecs

1 December 2017

Threatening skies last night but not much noise and no rain here. Must've been a little bit somewhere local though as the river popped up 10 cumecs at about 6 last evening.

Mangaweka Flow 54 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow 16 cumecs


A big dirty lift came through yesterday from the very top

Mangaweka cumecs 90

Pukeokahu Flow 18.8 Peaked at 28 yesterday


Silty from the thunderstorms

Mangaweka cumecs 57

Pukeokahu Flow 15.3


Mangaweka Cumecs Pukeokahu Cumecs Mangaweka River Cam


More thunderstorms last night has a lift through quickly from a local downpour around Taihape. Peaked at 60 cumecs here about 6 hours after the rain (10pm), looks like a pattern this week, evening thunderstorms... pretty exciting

Mangaweka cumecs 52

Pukeokahu Flow 16.2


A wee bit of rain in the hills yesterday and local last evening has given the river a little bit of a lift. Patchy rain around over the next few days could have the river yo yo a bit. Nothing dramatic though.

Mangaweka Flow: 42 cumecs Peaking now

Pukeokahu Flow 10.7 cumecs Peaked at 13 last night


Mangaweka Flow: 27.7 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow 8.8 cumecs


Sorry followers, just noticed the last changes didn't save properly! The river is in great nick, clearing well after a sharp little flood in the middle of the week last week. Good conditions for all river activities.

Mangaweka Flow: 31 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow 11 cumecs


Clear here. No real change forecast for next ten days. Expect it will be around 30 at Mangaweka and 10 at Pukeokahu by the end of the week and into next weekend. Great conditions for all activities. Multisporters should be getting in some rivertime before it drops too far!

Mangaweka Flow: 37 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow 15 cumecs


Mangaweka Cumecs Pukeokahu Cumecs Mangaweka River Cam


As expected we did get a reasonably good lift through on Wednesday night, a super quick peak of 130 at Pukeokahu translated to 146 down here. Managed to shuffle the rescue workshop around to accommodate for the day on Thursday and its almost back to the way it was per again. Cleared up enough for fishing and nice flows. Looking like a rough weekend ahead though, might get a bit nippy.

Mangaweka Flow: 49 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow 24 cmecs


Woke up this morning with some pretty hard rain, true to forecast. Expecting a bit of a lift later, definitely some but how much is a little bit unknown. Had a great day on the river yesterday though, hot and beautiful right into the evening.

Mangaweka Flow: 36 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 14 cumecs


Driving home from Rotorua yesterday I'm a little bit surprised the river hasn't come up but no sign of any lift yet. So it really is in good nick, perfect for our Grade 2 kayak course this weekend soand a few rafters coming through.

Mangaweka Flow: 38 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 11.5 cumecs


I'm away from the Rangitikei at the moment so all I can go off is the graphs and forecast Everything is at good fun and useable levels at the moment. A band of rain is coming through Friday afternoon so expecting a lift over the weekend.

Mangaweka Flow: 46.7 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 12.5 cumecs


Some very hard thunderstormy showers came through yesterday avo so the river has experienced a bit of a lift and is discoloured. Still useable for all levels, not flyfishable this morning but should clear up over the day.

Mangaweka Flow: 55 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 15cumecs


A wee bit drizzly this morning and certainly a tad colder. Not affecting the river much but there was a bit of a 10 cumec bump yesterday from some unseen by us rain in the hills. Back down again though. Looking ahead to a fine weekend.

Mangaweka Flow: 47 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 14.8 cumecs


Managed to get through the whole Labour weekend with great weather which was great for the family reunion we had camping here, felt like summer! A bit of drizzle around this morning though which is forecast to clear later today. River is in good nick and not going to change for a while.

Mangaweka Flow: 49 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 17 cumecs


There was a little bit of rain around last night which put a wee bit into the river for us. Not looking like too bad a day today but rain due tomorrow avo.

Mangaweka Flow: 61 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 18 cumecs


Mangaweka Flow: 54 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 19 cumecs


Looking good for Labour weekend. fishable, kayakable, swimmable?

Mangaweka Flow: 58.6 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 20.5 cumecs


Hi folks. Well I'm back from Japan, taking a few days to settle in but on all accounts I haven't missed anything here as far as the weather and river conditions go. Looking at the graphs there doesn't appear to have been anything spectacular just wet wet wet, the river maintaining a high and reasonably dirty flow.

Its looking good now though, clearing nicely, spin fishable and not too far away from being able to lug a fly around. Steady decrease in flow and a fine sunny spring day today, with no rain forecast for another 10 days at least. Bring it on!


Mangaweka Flow: 64 cumecs

Pukeokahu Flow: 22 cumecs

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