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The Rangitikei River provides safe and fun river adventures for  families, couples getaways, social club activities, conferences and kayak courses and services.

Raft, Kayak or Multiday Journeys... from one hour to four days, Awastone offers them all in easy packages
for all ages.



Set beside the Rangitikei River, ideally located halfway between Rotorua and Wellington, one hour from the Tongariro Crossing, Palmerston North and Whanganui. 

Mangaweka is the perfect destination with campervans, family camping holidays or cabin accommodation for corporate retreats or weekend getaways.


Awastone - a riverside haven! The Awastone Licensed cafe is set amongst beautiful gardens overlooking the Rangitikei River.

Make Awastone your next destination for a corporate event or a social gathering. Keep an eye out for our

live music sessions and special events!

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Awastone, originally Rangitikei River Adventures (1981) and then Mangaweka Adventure Co (2002), is a river adventure company operated by the Eames family for over 35 years around the small quaint village of Mangaweka, New Zealand.
Your hosts Paul, Tricia, Jack and Kelsey Eames have expanded the family business to include a licensed cafe, two riverside campgrounds and cabin accommodation to create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome to come and get refreshed.

Mangaweka is the gateway to the middle gorges of the Rangitikei River, the best for family adventures and whitewater kayaking. Awastone is an idyllic base for all adventures or courses as well as a favourite for family reunions and social gatherings, the varied camping options and sitting at the relaxed riverside licensed cafe, open throughout the summer, where you can watch the river fun from the patio.


The Rangitikei River runs from high up on the central plateau, through the North Island High Country and out to the Tasman sea. It has cut spectacular gorges on its path, cliffs up to 200 metres high provide dramatic backdrops to a wide range of rapids and pools. Most of these rapids are Grade 2, ideal for family rafting adventures and an excellent learning ground for Whitewater Kayaking. The Rangitikei River also features a section of Grade 5 Whitewater, the best half day or two day whitewater trip in the world!

You don't have to play on the river to enjoy Awastone... but why wouldn't you??

Bird of the Month

Shining Cuckoo, Pipiwharauroa

Often heard, rarely seen, the Shining Cuckoo is a migratory bird whose call will be quite dominant over the next couple of months. not quite in town yet, but reports of birdsong are coming through from as far South as Taranaki so shouldn't be too long now. 


Its distinctive call heralds the arrival of the warmer months and is often heard through into February, before his long journey back north of the equator. The Shining Cuckoo's main call is a loud upwardly-slurred whistle repeated several times; the sequence usually ends with a downwardly-slurred whistle.


Again, they are hard to spot unless they have crashed into your windows, which is reasonably common. Both sexes are an iridescent dark green above, and white below with dark green transverse bands. 


Shining cuckoos are famous for being brood parasites, laying their eggs singly in nests of the Grey Warbler. Eggs are laid mostly in November, after which the adult cuckoos take no further part in breeding, instead the chick being brought up by the ever so kind Warbler.

Shining CuckooPipiwharauroa
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"Hands on owners makes a huge difference. Property well kept, clean, neat and tidy. Hot showers were very welcome. Loved the birds calling in the morning. Highly recommend. Thanks for a great stay!"


"What a nice spot on the Rangitikei river surrounded by cliffs. Large area to choose to park with good facilities"


"Tranquil Setting with

Activities Galore!

 Even though we were guests passing through we instantly felt like family. Awastone will forever be on our top 10 favourite places to visit."



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