DC3 Aeroplane

Halfway between Taupo and Wellington, there is a famous DC3 aeroplane hanging over SH1.

ZK APK has many faces over the years. First landing in Mangaweka in 1986, she had the colours of her previous top dressing job. Then in early 2000, she was painted with cookies, long holding the fun name of “The Cookietime Plane”.

She now sports the Blue and tan MAC regalia, our attempt to restore her dignity reminiscent of her service as an NAC passenger liner.

The DC3 is no longer the base for Mangaweka Adventure Company operations, instead we have moved to our riverside location, the spectacular setting under the Mangaweka Mudstone cliffs. Awastone boasts a beautiful licensed cafe overlooking the Rangitikei River, accommodation and modern campgrounds, also the departure point for many of our river activities.